1972: Foundation of the company in Ulm by Günter Kulitz

1977: Move to Senden

1986: Start of internationalization in the US market

1997: Dr. Peter Kulitz becomes managing director; First certification under DIN EN ISO 9001

2005: New training and support centre

2007: Dedication of the new sales and assembly centre

2008: The new high-bay warehouse is built

2010: MAX Award for health and occupational safety; Honorary Award of the “Prevention Award for Health and Safety” of the BGHW

2012: 40th anniversary of the company; New accessory line for extraction technology; German youth business award “Training Ace 2012”

2013: ESTA Online Shop goes online; Alliance Member of the VDMA sustainability initiative "Blue Competence", Implementation of Lean Management

2014: Member of the Fair Company initiative; Expansion of the business area System Design, New Generation of Mobile Dust Extractors DUSTOMAT 4

2015: New hall ventilation systems “FILTOWER” for the extraction and filtration of dust, smoke and oil mist


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Company History

Starting out on 16 square meters

A small, highly effective image was the catalyst for ESTA’s founding: The engineering company that Günter Kulitz had been leading no longer offered what was to be known as the ESTA electrical dust extraction device. Due to an error, however, the device was shown on the back cover of a company prospectus offering angular drilling heads.

Suddenly, the demand for this machine was so great that there was no choice but to meet it. Kulitz decided to have the devices produced. Then he founded a new company to manufacture extraction technology for workshops and industry.

Two generations: 
Günter and Dr. Peter Kulitz

Thus, in 1972, ESTA started in a 16-square-metre office in Kulitz’s private home. At first, some of the devices were purchased, and some were outsourced. In 1977, the company moved into the industrial area of Senden. Then it could use in-house expertise and the ideal production space to manufacture on its own.

These extraction devices’ great popularity indirectly led to the company’s founding and are still part of ESTA’s product portfolio. In refined form, they still prove their worth as the ESTA 70 and 100 small dust extractors.

Further growth and international expansion in the 1980s

  • Certificate industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Certificate Welding Fume Filters

In the 1980s, ESTA expanded its offerings by developing a broad range of devices that stood out for their user-friendliness and high efficiency: Welding fume filters, mobile and stationary dust extractors, extraction arms and industrial extractors have heightened the company’s performance and prominence.

The end of the decade brought strict legal regulations to the dust extractor market, and these were to be monitored by trade and labour authorities. Development and design now had to adhere to the new guidelines. This situation was very significant for ESTA, because since the 1980s — besides producing small mobile and series-inspected dust extractors — the company was manufacturing more large stationary extraction systems and providing turnkey installation for customers abroad. In 1986, ESTA started international expansion to the American market.

Still more growth: A new generation, first certification and company expansion

After company founder, Günter Kulitz, passed away, ESTA entered its second generation, as his son Peter took the reins in 1997. That same year, ESTA received DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for the first time.

The 2005 opening of the new training and consulting centre for extraction technology was followed just two years later by a new sales and assembly centre.

Its renewable-energy building technology received the 2007 German Solar Prize. ESTA won the 2008 German steel construction award for the building’s unique architecture.

In 2007, the ESTA Academy was founded. This internal training establishment is special for its flexible modular system. It allows training content to be custom tailored to the needs of employees, customers and partners. In 2008, a new high-rack warehouse completed the expanded company premises. At this time, ESTA was already represented in more than 30 countries and known worldwide for its tried-and-tested extraction technology. 

Multiple awards for the company’s anniversary

In 2010, the district of Neu-Ulm recognized ESTA’s commitment to training with its MAX Award, designating it as the best company for trainees. In the same year, the German professional association for trade and goods distribution (BGHW) awarded family-run ESTA its honorary award for occupational health and safety.

In June 2012, ESTA celebrated its 40th company anniversary. At the open house, numerous guests from politics and business acknowledged the company’s economic and social contributions. Above all, federal education and research minister Annette Schavan congratulated ESTA and underscored the company’s exemplary work in youth development. “A 20 percent training rate is fantastic,” Minister Schavan stressed, compared to an average rate of 10 percent among businesses nationwide. 

The “Training Ace 2012” award was the crowning achievement of the anniversary year. ESTA was designated as the best training company in the “Industry, Trade, Services” category. This renowned nationwide competition is held every year by Germany’s youth business and skilled trades organizations.

The success story continues

It has been possible to order accessories relating to clean air and cleanliness at the workplace quickly and easily in the online shop since 2013. The product range extends from extraction arms and pre-separators to filter bags, pipes and mouldings. The accessory shop is the logical result of the constant expansion of the comprehensive services ESTA offers, providing customers with fast and easy order handling.

In the same year, ESTA made the topic of energy efficiency in mechanical and plant engineering a central corporate task and began supporting the “Blue Competence” sustainability initiative of VDMA (the German Engineering Federation).

Only one year later, the family business joined the Fair Company initiative. Awarded by the careers and business magazine Karriere, this mark of quality is given to companies that operate according to the Fair Company rules, which require fair treatment of and pay for trainees.

In the same year, ESTA presented the new generation of the proven dust extractor series DUSTOMAT. The DUSTOMAT 4 is the ideal device for individual and multiple extraction points of free-flowing and dry dust. 
The mobile dust extractors were further developed in both design and technology and offer significantly higher extraction performance than their predecessors, while still maintaining high energy efficiency

The new FILTOWER Plug & Play hall ventilation systems that supplement local extraction are launched on the market in 2015. The new high-performance filter towers cover three areas of application at once. As a supplement for hall ventilation, they can be used to extract welding fumes, fine dust or oil mist. The filter towers can be used wherever local extraction alone is insufficient or not practical in order to comply with the regulatory limits for the work area.

In the 2015 publication “The Best of German Mittelstand – The World Market Leaders”, business publisher Deutsche Standards presented around 100 German world market leaders, which included ESTA.

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