The company’s training academy was formed in 2007 envisioning global leadership in filtration solutions. Primary focus of all activities is that ESTA is benchmark in premium extraction technology and remains expert in areas of technical know-how, efficiency and design in a constantly changing society and environment. 

Based on the understanding that 

"It is not enough to know something - one must also use it. It is not enough to intend something - one must also do it" (by J.W. Goethe). 

ESTA's focus lies strongly on training and support of personal and professional development.  

Core philosophy is to help make every ESTA team member become successful and grow within the company. The ESTA academy is strongly utilised for employees, on-the-job-trainees, but also for affiliates, distributors as well as local and international business partners. 

ESTA’s employees and sales partners are the driving force in finding the right solutions to serve, benefit and exceed our customers‘ needs. 

The ESTA Academy at the German Headquarters in Senden facilitates:

  • A modern and fully equipped exhibition and training center
  • Trainers and lecturers with many years of experience in the field extraction technology 
  • A unique blend of theory and practice to ensure continued high quality education 
  • Continued product- and sales-oriented training modules implementing current trends in the industry

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