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For 45 years, we at ESTA have been helping our customers create consistently clean, healthy work environments. Our trailblazing extraction solutions for a wide range of industries have established us as a reliable premium provider. We have gained this competence through a multi-faceted commitment that includes sustained development, dialogue with users of dust extraction technology, and communication with testing laboratories and technical institutes.

ESTA’s customers include companies from a wide variety of industries and sciences, from A to Z — automotive to food, right through to zinc. The companies range in size from tiny workshops with a few employees to worldwide multinationals.

To give you an idea of our comprehensive range of services, we provide you here with examples of our domestic and international references from various industries.

Mitch Shaw, Steel Service Center, McNichols Company, Charlotte (NC)

"We bought the ESTA CHIPVAC Vacuum Cleaner and connected it to our panel cutting saw for fiberglass grating, in 2009. The Unit has been working perfectly for all these years. When service or wear and tear parts were needed, this was available at all times within the same day or in a 24 hour period. ESTA is a reliable Partner we are happy to work with and can only be recommended from our side to whoever needs this type of equipment."

John Schuck, Production Manager, Mapal Inc., Fountain Inn (SC)

“The ESTA equipment is running in multi-shift-operation and reliably extracts the dust of our blast cabinet. The efficient filter-cleaning system ensures low operating costs. We can recommend ESTA Quality.”

Christoph Hackner, Vice President of Production, Schletter Inc., Shelby (NC)

"As internationally recognized manufacturer of solar mountingsystems and metal works, Schletter values high quality productsobtained through modern equipment and machinery in ourproduction lines. In our advanced manufacturing plant, we producealuminum and steel structures for innovative solar mountingsystems.Schletter purchased its first ESTA Extraction System in 2010 andhave since added three more Centralized Extraction Systems, aswell as some mobile machines, to our facility. The ESTA units areneeded for the collection of aluminum and steel chips from ourproduction lines. In addition, the allow us to exceed OSHA standardsthrough the clean filtration and ventilation back into theworking space. Such filtration makes an important contributionto protecting employees from harmful particles, as well as retainingcooled or heated air in the factory.The efficiency of the machines also demonstrates the flexibleadaptation to operation and usage. Depending on the runningworkstations, the units only use the amount of airflow andenergy needed, saving energy.ESTA has been an instrumental part in designing the systems tofit Schletter's precise specifications. We can recommend ESTA toany customer having any specific type of extraction needs."

Clinton Heine, Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Small Precision Tools Inc

"Since installing the ESTA DUSTOMAT 16-M in our facility everyone is noticing the increasingly cleaner ambient air quality each week.  Our previously ineffective unit left everything in our blasting equipment area covered with dust.  We’re very happy with the performance of the DUSTOMAT and can highly recommend ESTA, a responsive and customer service-oriented company."

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