Hall ventilation Systems

Plug & play room ventilation systems as a practical supplement to local extraction

The most effective way of extracting hazardous substances in the working place is to capture contamination directly at the point where it emerges. However, local extraction is not always sufficient or indeed possible. For example, the positioning and repositioning of an extraction element is both complicated and time-consuming when processing large workpieces with constant workstation changeovers. What's more, if i.e. a welder fails to position the suction device correctly, smoke particles can still enter the hall air. Employees who are not wearing personal protective equipment then breathe in these hazardous substances without any filtration.

In order to further protect employees in such situations, ESTA has developed the decentralised room and hall ventilation system FILTOWER. It is used in addition to local extraction and functions in line with the principles of layer ventilation recommended by the German Institute for Occupational Safety. This results in a major improvement to room air quality, compliance with the legal working limits and healthier employees. 

Room- and Hall Ventilation System FILTOWER


Further information on the FILTOWER range of devices

In contrast to central room ventilation systems, plug & play room ventilation systems do not require a pipe system. They are supplied fully assembled, ready for operation and can be very quickly installed – all that is left to do is connect the power and compressed air lines.

The filter towers can be repositioned quickly and easily using a forklift or underslung crane. Depending on the size of the hall and number of workstations several FILTOWER systems may have to be installed in order to achieve an overall improvement to the quality of the air in the room.

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