Plug & Play System FILTOWER

Hall ventilation systems without piping for maximum flexibility in the working area.

The FILTOWER series are used when the local extraction of smoke, dust and oil mist is not sufficient on its own or if direct extraction is not practical when working on large and complex workpieces. Up to 70% of the annual heating costs can be saved by using layer ventilation system FILTOWER which is recommended by the Employers’ Liability Association.

Your Benefits

  • Best air quality in the workplace
  • Meet the statutory regulations in compliance with occupational exposure limits in production halls
  • Plug & Play: Position, connect electricity and compressed air – done!
  • Powerful and low-noise suction
  • Can be placed in the work area (no pipe installation)
  • Flexible deployment; easy to move with forklift or crane
  • Low operating costs due to cleanable permanent filter cartridges

Special Features

  • Up to 70 % heating cost savings by recirculation mode
  • Demand regulated extraction performance by frequency converter (optional)
  • ESTA Quick-Change filter change system - fast & free of dust
  • Long life cartridge filters with nanofibers (99,9% separation efficiency)
  • Innovative pre-separation system*
  • Low-draft air return
  • Dust-free disposal of the extracted material
  • Industrial air filtration

* Patent pending

At a Glance

Stationary installation

Stationary installation

Stationary dust extractors are installed next to the processing machine or at a central location in production halls.

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet filter cleaning

Pulse-jet cleaning clears the filter cartridges from the inside out (clean gas side). This loosens dust stuck to the exterior of the cartridges, and it falls into the collection container. The filter cartridges are automatically cleanes individually. Pulse-jet cleaning allows filter cleaning during suction operation with no need to shut off the extractor.


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Application Range

  • Supplementary solution for maintaining dust limits, where extraction at certain points alone will not suffice
  • For welding processes, for which suction at specific points is impractical
  • For supporting direct extraction
  • For improving room air quality

Special Versions

  • With frequency converter for regulating extraction performance
  • Devices with IFA test certificate W3 for  the extraction of high-alloy steel welding fumes are available as an option
  • With activated carbon inlets for the filtration of gases and odors
  • Special coating in RAL color

Ideal for

  • Welding and soldering fume
  • fine, floating particulate matter
  • Plastic dust
  • Chemical dust
  • Bulk material applications
  • Aerosols
  • Oilmist and emulsion mist
  • Fumes

All types of dust at a glance


The filter towers in the eco+ series combine outstanding extraction and filtration performance for maximum efficiency at low operating costs. All thanks to the new ESTA EasyControl device control with sophisticated sensor technology and the application of frequency converters.

FILTOWER eco+ design:

  • ESTA EasyControl
  • Frequency converter for fan motors
  • Programmable timer
  • Dust sensors in the raw gas and clean air areas for performance control as well as residual dust and filter break monitoring
  • Level measurement in collection container



FILTOWER ecolight

The ecolight design ensures that the FILTOWER´s extraction performance can be adjusted manually as appropriate during operation, which raises the level of efficiency and optimises operating costs. 

This is made possible by the new ESTA EasyControl controller and the use of frequency converters to regulate the air volume flow. 

Filterturm ecolight design:

  • ESTA EasyControl device control
  • Frequency converter
  • Adjustable timer





In addition to the outstanding extraction and filtration abilities, the filter towers in the ecotemp range also create a comfortable room climate in the working area. 

Filterturm ecotemp design:

  • Energy-efficient cooling or heating possible by two slatted heat exchangers 
  • Stepless regulation of temperature
  • Environmentally friendly (water quantity 4 m³/h / connection: 1 inch) 
  • Low maintenance costs through clean gas side installation 
  • Drain taps for condensation
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Low loss of pressure through large vector surface




Intelligently connected and energy-saving: the FILTOWER models have integrated protocol and network functions. Measurement and operating data can be processed quickly and easily in digital form. In addition to the ESTA EasyControl device control, frequency converters ensure efficient operation.

FILTOWER 4.0 design:

  • All FILTOWER eco+ functions
  • Simple coupling of the filter tower to company-specific network infrastructure 
  • Remote access and monitoring of all operational data possible around the globe, also by the user
  • Reduction of the risk of failure through permanent logging and monitoring of the operating parameters
  • Reduction of the maintenance and service costs through remote monitoring and maintenance

ESTA EasyControl device control

ESTA EasyControl is a newly-developed device control that ensures energy-efficient device operation with state-of-the-art sensor technology.
Power savings of up to 50% compared to conventional differential pressure controls are obtained through current volume flow measurement and the fully-automated regulation of the extraction performance based on the operating parameters.

Data & Downloads

Filtower   Small Medium Big
Max. Airflow cfm 5.800 8.800 11.800
Max. negative pressure inch waterlift 11 11 11
Voltage V 480 480 480
Motor hp 2 x 4.0 2 x 5.4 2 x 10.0
Filter surface ft² 1076 1722 2153
Filter elements pc 4 4 4
Dust collection container gallon 40 40 40
Dimensions (L/W/H) inch 81 x 60 x 118 81 x 60 x 130 81 x 60 x 150
Weight lbs 2.420 2.640 3.300
Sound level dB(A) 72 75 77
Order Number        
FILTOWER F Fumes 667100US 667160US 667200US
FILTOWER D Dust 663100US 663160US 663200US
FILTOWER L Oil- and Emulsion 660100US 660160US 660200US

Product brochure



Hallenlüftungssystem Filterturm Filtower
Hallenlüftungssystem Filterturm Filtower
Filterturm Filtower für effektive Hallenlüftung
Hallenlüftungssystem Filterturm Filtower
Steuerung Hallenlüftungssystem Filtower
Drawer Filter tower Filtower Hall Ventilation
Steuerung Hallenlüftungssystem Filtower

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