The DC version is designed for continuous use in workshops.

The CHIPVAC I-D is a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner for coarse, dry, fine and free-flowing dust. Its DC version is especially suitable for continuous operation when cleaning workshops. Its smooth-rolling casters make it easy to move. It features a spacious dust collection container (capacity: 20 gallons). A patented tilting mechanism makes dust disposal easy.

Your Benefits

  • High suction force in dry dust
  • Low operating costs through the use of cleanable long life cartridge filters
  • Small space requirement due to compact design
  • High mobility by smooth turning castors

Special Features

  • For continuous operain (DC version)
  • Manual brush cleaning
  • Availability of cleanable cartridge filters for dust
  • Patented, tiltable filter housing

At a Glance

Mobile installation

Mobile installation

Mobile dust extractors can be installed for single-location or central extraction in production halls.

Manual brush cleaning

Manual brush cleaning

The cartridge filter's folds are gently tapped by brushes. This effectively loosens especially coarse and free-flowing dusts. The brush axle turns in two directions in the middle of the cartridge (on the raw gas side). This cleaning comes in manual, motorized and automatic motorized versions.


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Application Range

  • For dry, sticky dusts and materials that tend to clump
  • For cleaning processing machines
  • For general cleaning work (such as shop floors)
  • Uses for many industries (such as wood and metals)

Ideal for these dusts

  • Cotton dust
  • Wood shavings
  • Wood dust 
  • Metal dust
  • Mineral dust
  • Paper dust
  • Tabacco fibres

All types of dust at a glance

Data & Downloads

Max. Airflow cfm 210
Intake diameter inch 2
Max. negative pressure inch waterlift 78
Voltage V 480
Motor/Hertz HP/Hz 3/60
Filter surface ft² 22/54
Dust collection container gallon 20
Dimensions (L/W/H) inch 41 x 27 x 50
Weight lbs 180
Sound emission dB(A) 72
Order Number   81198US

Perfectly tailored to the product

Effective extraction technology demands high-performance accessories. Ask our international sales team for suitable offers.

  • Suction accessories

  • Plastic filling bags

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