Mobile welding fume filters for a wide range of applications.

Welding and soldering fumes are filtered at 99.9% efficiency, and then routed back into the work area. Thanks to the high air volume flow even larger clouds of fumes can be easily extracted. The cleanable permanent filter cartridges ensure low operating costs in the long term. The more powerful version SRF K-15 comes into its own when there are large amounts of smoke and when extraction is required at two workstations simultaneously.

Your Benefits

  • High performance smoke capture at two extracion locations
  • Mobile for versatile use and suitable for continuous duty applications
  • Compact and user friendly design
  • Low operating costs through cleanable cartridge filters
  • Easy disposal of the collected dust

Special Features

  • Filter cleaning with compressed air gun (manually) or fully automatic
  • Cleanable long life cartridge filters

At a Glance

Mobile installation

Mobile installation

Mobile dust extractors can be installed for single-location or central extraction in production halls.

Manual standard filter cleaning

Manual standard filter cleaning

Fast, effective filter cleaning with a hand-held compressed air pistol blows the filter lamellas clean inside and out. Smoke particles come loose from the filter material and fall into the filter housing's dust collection channel.

Manual rotation filter cleaning

Manual rotation filter cleaning

A compressed air connection on the hand-operated rotation nozzle ensures that the filter lamellas are blown uniformly clean.

Fully automatic filter cleaning

Fully automatic filter cleaning

In automatic cleaning, the filter is cleared after the fan stops. On devices with an IFA test certificate, an acoustic signal indicates the need for filter cleaning.


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Application Range

  • Extraction during welding of all metals
  • Intermittent and continuous duty operation
  • Optional: soldering fume extraction



Special Versions

  • Special voltage
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Start-up on electrical arc recognition
  • Air vents



Ideal for these dusts

  • Welding fume
  • Soldering fume

All types of dust at a glance

Data & Downloads

SRF   K-10 K-15
Max. Airflow cfm 550 950
Intake diameter inch 6 2 x 6
Max. negative pressure inch waterlift 11 11
Voltage V 110/220 480
Motor/Hertz HP/Hz 1.75/60 3/60
Filter surface ft² 110 160
Dimensions (L/W/H) inch 38 x 30 x 54 38 x 30 x54
Weight lbs 150 163
Sound emission dB(A) 72 77
Order Number      
Standard with 110V/480V   55203US (110V) 55212US (480V)
Standard with 220V   55203002US (220V)  


Perfectly tailored to the product

Effective extraction technology demands high-performance accessories. Ask our international sales team for suitable offers.

  • Extraction arms

  • Extraction hood

  • Extraction pipes

  • Drawstring bag

  • lighting kit for oval 
    extraction hood

  • lighting kit for oval 
    plastic hood

  • SRF-K clamping pliers

  • Wall bracket

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